Whats up! One of my reps has contacted you, and we want to get you started as a Division Supply Co Team Athlete!

My name is Jeremy Black, the Athlete Director at Division Supply Co. I liked what I saw in your page and I believe that you have the potential to motivate, inspire, and represent what it means to be a Division Supply Co athlete. We want you as a Team Division Supply Co Athlete.

Division Supply Co is the fastest growing premier Supplement Brand in the industry. We’re about HELPING OTHERS be the best they can be. We motivate, encourage and inspire the fitness world and hope you will too! By choosing to become a Brand Athlete you will have the extraordinary opportunity to be a face of our Brand as well as an essential part of our movement to encourage others to strive for greatness daily.

With social media as powerful as it is in today’s world, you have the power to be great every single day. Let this be your motivation. Train harder, eat healthier, and grow STRONGER. Tag us in all your posts by Adding @division_supply, #theGAINScompany, #GAINSCo, #weBEAST or #weLIFT to all of your posts, don’t forget to do this, this is how we can keep track of you!

I want to reach out to you directly and let you know how we can get you started as a Division Supply Co Athlete where you can earn full sponsorship, win Athlete of the Month and also be apart of our GC Aesthetics Apparel team.

We even give you the opportunity to earn free supplements and gear from the first second you join the team. We set you up with a personalized discount code for you to REP and give out to your follower’s that will get them 20% off all Division’s product and will track your sales at the same time. Once three sales come in with your code, you get to choose a Free supplement or apparel item of your choice along with another Free T-shirt or Blender Bottle. It only takes 3 for you to get 1 free! We love to reward our TEAM with Free Supps and Gear!

We have also created a Team Only EXCLUSIVE website just for our Brand Athletes to enjoy free meal plans, free workouts plans, motivational newsletters as well as exclusive access to Division apparel and gear that is not even available on our regular retail site!

GET STARTED NOW by ordering your TEAM Package! Once you order your team package just email me your order number at here and what you want your personalized discount code to be and I’ll get your Code activated, your Brand Athlete Account set up and email you back your TEAM EXCLUSIVE website login and password info!


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