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GAINSCo Athlete of the Month


GAINSCo- How did you get into competitive bodybuilding? What brought out the BEAST in you?

I was always lifting amps, drums and boxes in everyday life. Whether at work or at home, I was always picking stuff up & putting it down. I wanted to be better at it and use it to its fullest.

And I get really into it when I have a rough day or week. It's my therapy.

GAINSCo- Therapy, solid answer, I can't agree more. Nothing like losing yourself in GAINS to get through some stress. So, What advice would you give our readers who are just starting out and really want to hit the ground running!? What is the best advice you can give on Diet/training/supplementation that some one told you or that you learned for yourself throughout your journey to become the bodybuilder you are today?

Best advice I can give a newbie is to eat often, eat smart and lift at least 5 days a week. Lift with good form and with purpose.

GAINSCo- I love how you put that “ Lift with Purpose”..I hope that can influence our readers and get them to that PHIL level of GAINS.. So, to our readers; your purpose may be different from Phil’s purpose, but you can use whatever your purpose is to motivate you to get to that level you want to get to! Put in the work, make the gains and get results. So, what do you do for fun outside of the GYM Walls.. What else is there to life besides GAINS!?


Outside the gym I used to play drums in a couple bands that would tour.

Rock & country. But I have a Dj business on my own now. It's a great gig. Keeps me out of trouble and gives me extra cash for more Protein.

GAINSCo- I do see your DJ posts all the time! Looks pretty fun! II have zero music al talent, so I can’t really relate besides saying I'm stoked you can make some cash doing what you love! Time for some Fun, what are your 3 favorite cheat meal Items/meals?

Donuts and burgers are definitely my favorite cheat meals. I can always get a few of each in on my post workout cheat meals. I don't do pizza or dairy. So sushi is my other cheat. 5-8 rolls at a time.

GAINSCo- No Pizza!!? That's almost hurts to hear, but..I can see why..every time I do eat pizza as a cheat I either throw up or don't feel too hot for quite a while. Haha Hope that wasn't TMI..#truth...But Donuts are life! So, how many donuts are you capable of eating in one sitting? Also, if donuts aren't your thing, can you put down a whole XL pizza in one sitting?! Do tell.

I tackled two boxes of donuts and three triple patty burgers after my first physique commotion!!

GAINSCo- Two boxes!? Niceeee! So, Dream car? If you could own one Dream Ride, what would it be? Give us a color too!?


I don't get into sports cars or tricked out vehicles. I love my Tahoe because it's payed off and it hauls around all my gear. I'm sure when I need a newer vehicle I'll get another Tahoe.

GAINSCo- Well, this is a first! But, I like it.. smart right there..keep it simple.. Usually we get the Ferrari, or a Hummer or some BIG ass truck. Tahoe's are very solid though! I’d love to have a Tahoe. So, If I looked into your fridge right now, what would I find?

My fridge is full of meat, condiments, eggs and gallons or bottles of water. I don't keep much else. No beer or sodas.

GAINSCo- Keeping it Clean!! Love it! Standard! Who do you look up to most in the bodybuilding world?

I look up to some of the pros that have a following. That give back to their fans. Dana Lynn is pretty amazing.

Jay has a great fan base and is always up for meeting and talking with the fans.

GAINSCo- Dope! I love those who give back! I've been with Division Since they started 3-4 years ago and the reason I love working for this brand is because they truly want to give back. They constantly allow me to give away supps and gear! I've literally given away tens of thousands of dollars worth of free supps and gear since the day we started! We understand that it's our athletes who choose to rep our brand over other ones. There are plenty of other Nutrition Brands they could rep, but they chose us just like you did and that means the WORLD to us..We love our Athletes!

LAST Question!!

What is your Number One Fitness Goal for you to achieve in your Fitness Career Now that you have Division Supply Co in your corner?


As far as goals now that I have a great company like Division in my corner, I wanna qualify for nationals in the fall, I wanna hit some lifting goals I've set and I'm gonna make more strides to promote this brand and help take my career and this brand to its fullest potential.

GAINSCo- That's right!! I love it, we know you will! You have the passion and the determination to achieve that plus more! The future is ours! I can't wait to see how far you can take this!!







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